Department of General Surgery

Adress: Shpytalna street 2, Теrnopil city

Ternopil city municipal hospital of emergency medicine

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The Department of General Surgery was created in June 2016 by the reorganization of the Department of Surgery №2 and the Department of General Surgery. The department was headed by Professor I.M.Deykalo.

Disciplines at the department:

    • for the 3rd year: "General surgery";
    • for the 3rd year: "Nursing practice";
    • for the 2nd year: "Care for the patients";
    • for the 6th year: "Transfusiology"

Students on the department:

    • students of Medical Faculty;
    • students of the Faculty of Foreign Students;
    • students of the Dental Faculty

Collective of the General Surgery Department (2017)

The clinical base of the department is emergency surgical department, department of intensive therapy and reanimation.

Department of General Surgery provides specialized surgical care to patients with surgical, endocrine, emergency, septic, proctological pathology.

In the operative theatre (2019)

Department staff conducted a significant amount of consulting and clinical work, performed annually more than 800 surgical operations. The most difficult operations performed by professors and associate professors of the department.

According to modern standards, performed minimally invasive surgeries.

Modern newest technologies in the surgical department are:

  • · Laparoscopy.
  • · Providing of Liga-sure in abdominal and endocrine surgery.
  • · Video-endoscopic methods of diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • · Providing stapler circular anastomosis in the colorectal surgery.
  • · Minimally invasive endoscopic treatment of surgical pathology
  • · Laparoscopic surgical method of treatment of hepato-biliary system disease, pelvic organs diseases and other diseases of the abdominal cavity.

Equipment in the operative room (2019)

Department staff attend national and international scientific conferences, trained in leading clinics.

The results of the work presented in the reports on national and European congresses.

The clinical work is being held in Ternopil Municipal Emergency Hospital. New methods of surgery are being introduced. Postgraduate educational courses and clinical conferences are regularly organized. Head of the Department and associate professors performs clinical rounds weekly in surgical department of Ternopil Municipal Emergency Hospital. They consult patients in other medical facilities of Ternopil region.